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Manufacturers of Precision Engineering & Automotive Components

Recent Updates

03-Jan-2012 : Dock Leveler Installed

At Arni Mech Products Pvt. Ltd. we have recently installed dock leveler.

Dock Leveler

December-2011 : BEML Connecting Rod Developed

BEML Rod Developed

October-2011 : Marine Oil Pan Developed

Marine Oil Pan Developed

October-2011 : DPM Machine Installed

DPM Machine Installed

May-2011 : Tapp fast machine added

Tapp fast machine added

April-2011 : Balancing Machine FVBM 50

Balancing Machine FVBM 50

April-2011 : Balancing Machine FVBM 50

CNC DX-150 Installed

20-Nov-2010 : Labour welfare Award 2010-11