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Welfare Activities : Financial

  • All employees covered under Accidental Insurance.
  • Also assured for Life Insurance.
  • Gratuity trust formed with Insurance cover.
  • Loans made available from banks.

Welfare Activities : Health

  • Medical check up room with First Aid facilities
  • Half yearly Medical check-up.
  • Health club equipped with trade mill, bicycle, weight lifting, etc

Welfare Activities : Safety

  • Safety shoes, Goggles, masks, hand gloves, cotton clothes, helmets are provided.
  • Wooden platforms provided to all machines.
  • Fire extinguishers provided at various places.
  • Helmet, driving license, & vehicle insurance made compulsory

Welfare Activities : Environment

  • Fountain at Entrance.
  • Tree Plantation in & around factory premises.
  • Cleanliness in all respect in & around factory premises.

Welfare Activities : Training

  • Well equipped Training center with LCD projector.
  • Technical, Communication skill, Basic Computer, 5 ‘S’, training programs.
  • Various lectures on health, safety and environment.
  • Full day workshop for employees children.

Welfare Activities : Educational

  • Books, Guides, Workbooks, Notebooks, Campos box are provided to employee’s children.
  • Scholerships given to clever students.
  • Library with different subject books.

Welfare Activities : Entertainment

  • World Worker’s Day 1st may celebrated along with employee’s family.
  • Cultural show, Drama, Funny games and Various sports competitions like Chess , Cricket , Carom , slow Cycling etc.